Viagra is one of the widely talked medical drugs to have topped the market over 30 years. It is an oral therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It is a citrate salt of sildenafil which is a selective inhibitor known as PDE5. This is blue coated formulated drug that contains 25mg to 100mg of sildenafil for oral administration. Viagra pill is a super active drug for ED treatment. The drug can make men last up to 6 hours in bed.

Side effects of Viagra

There are several side effects of Viagra but may not be as severe as other similar Erectile Dysfunction drugs. When taken properly, this drug functions effectively. In addition, it is important to consume only genuine drugs that will not cause harm due to fake ingredients.

How to get Viagra

You can get it on the web or visit a nearby drug store that offers the medication. In any case, many individuals appreciate the solace they get when they arrange for medications on the web. What’s more, numerous trustworthy online drug store additionally offer rebates and coupons to make it less demanding for individuals with low spending size to secure the medication. Viagra cost at online drug store is distinctive. You ought to likewise look at legitimately to discover which online drug store offers a sensible cost. You can likewise arrange with the free Viagra samples to test the nature of the medication before putting in a request. Since one can just purchase Viagra over the counter, the restorative outcome will advise in the event that he is fit to take the medication or not