Top 10 signs of Slot machine addiction

The Slot machine addiction.

Fondly called the crack cocaine of gambling, slot machine games can be addictive when it is not controlled. Let’s show you how to identify the ten signs of slot machine addiction. You will also learn how the gaming industry, including casinos, has successfully set up machines to get you hooked in. Let’s talk about that…and more on the signs that you are hooked on slot machines.

The major signs of slot machine addiction.

Practically, a bond is built when one overly interacts with a slot machine; at that moment, there’s no one to interfere with their temporal act of unviable illusion and an unhealthy fondness for a particular gaming machine. When a slot player spends unplanned hours playing a game and spending more than he had already bargained for and starts to throw lies in the mix – talking about how much wins or loses he’s been able to rack up so far, then it’s safe to say that he has a problem.

  • When he starts to behave in a strange way while he is away from the casino or during the period when he is playing, perhaps addiction is lurking around. But there are clear signs to look out for, these signs include:
  • When playing slots and the time seem unending. This is clearly one of the sure signs that you are getting hooked to an electrical gambling machine.
  • When there is this undertone that you will win half of the fund you’ve invested in the slot machine back.
  • Speaking of funds, when you start spending more than usual while play slots, then its time to get yourself evaluated – something’s gone wrong.
  • Developing an unusual bond with a slot machine – that sounds weird, but when that happens, give yourself a break.
  • Lying about your indulgence – when you tell lies so that you can play your favorite slot machine, it’s mostly out of desperation.
  • Can you afford the fund you are spending on the slot machine? If your answer is no, its because you can do anything to get your hands on that machine – we all know that this trait is a sign of desperation, which can also be tied to addiction.
  • Feeling irritates whenever someone starts to play on the slot that you’ve grown fond of.
  • When you start having a problem at work, your home, or in a social setting.
  • You are consumed with the thoughts of the game whenever you are far from it.
  • If you’ve ever wondered whether you have the problem, chances are, you really do.

The simple art of slots machine addiction.

Before financially delving into it, there are certain things you need to understand. For instance, these machines are called pokies or video lottery terminals. They are designed to have three or more reels – these reels spin a lever – like handle is pulled, or a button is pushed. They have different themes which contain different graphical illustration such as pictures of fruits, Tv – show, or movies. These images, music, and colors can surely get you hooked. The fact that they have had these machines built with the help of psychologists says all I need to know about the machine.

They are known as the crack cocaine of the gambling industry.

Being a revenue-generating machine, known for raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars, says all you need to know about the game. It attracts with its innocence and turns you into one compulsive gambler.  Being the crack cocaine and not shying away from that responsibility tells me everything. The fund that is investing in the game while playing isn’t taken seriously, such as you with the monopoly money. Even when you lose, both the illusion of action and control kick in.

Slot machines – addiction (The dopamine rise).

When you play the game, you start to experience a gush of dopamine while playing. The adrenaline won’t stop because you are now playing at your favorite slot machine. It’s a rapid response – the hypnotic effect stirs you up and increases the dopamine in your brain drastically. The speed of the game keeps you enthralled and ultimately hooked for a very long time. Even if you don’t end up winning the game, the machine takes advantage of the near-miss factor and gets you addicted. For compulsive gamblers, the thought of near misses. Interestingly, the problem gamblers can sit in front of the game, pressing the button will constantly keep you in the game while zoning out every other thing.

Slot machines addiction is linked to immersion.

In 2017, a study was published on Psychology of Addictive Behaviors showed that slot machines are preferred by compulsive gamblers due to the pattern of the game. The fast pace, continuous style of play draws you closer to an immersed state, which temporarily draws a gambler away from his stressful thoughts. Then, it was difficult to ascertain what was drawing them closer and getting them hooked.

It is considered to be the highest form of gambling addiction.

  1. Three years down the line, and we’ve discovered the game that attracts gamblers the most. But why is this the case?
  2. A lot of slot machines use 1 – 5 cents to draw gamblers in. In the mind of a gambler, spending 1 – 5 cents on a game isn’t much.
  3. Reiteratively, these games are designed to draw you in. So, safe to say that the game’s design was specifically made that way to draw you in.
  4. The game’s music is stimulating. It comes with a strong suggestion which penetrates our mind on a subconscious level.
  5. The game induces hypnosis in a person’s brain – the information is hard to fight.
  6. The bonus rounds introduced by the casinos create a rush amongst gamblers.
  7. Jackpots offer you an opportunity to win big.
  8. Playing casinos require no skill.
  9. Multi-lines have now been introduced electronic slot machines which contains different colors and graphic which stimulates your mind and its also compelling to the eye, making it impossible to cheat.